Best Traffic Exchange Websites in 2023


In this article we share about best traffic exchange Websites. In a nutshell, traffic exchange is if you hit other people’s websites and they hit yours in interchange. People use traffic exchange websites to grow up a regular traffic flow to their websites.

After sign up on a traffic exchange website submit your own website. Next, you’ll have to begin receiving points by visiting other people’s websites and use your point or credits on growing your blog or website traffic. Some exchange sites offer to buy a traffic package instead of viewing other websites. And, you can exchange your credits or points for cash.

There are two main types of traffic exchange websites:


Auto surf (which allows using a bot for browsing)

How profitable a traffic exchange actually is
Traffic exchange websites can truly assist earn money if secured properly. As we know, traffic quality can also affect Google ranking.

The higher quality traffic you receive, the more useful the behavioral factors are, and then higher your ranking is. In this regard, traffic exchange is a win-win synopsis as it grows traffic entrance for both people and assists them rank higher. As a result, it may support you enjoy increased conversions and, consequently, get onward of your race, a boost in earnings.

You can practice traffic exchanges to send traffic to blogs and websites in multiple niches, for example, merchandise, education, travel, etc. Moreover, it can become a strong tool for associates of all kinds of affiliate programs.

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In fact, the quantity of cash you can make from traffic exchange actually depends on the quality of your website in general and your squeeze page in special. To make traffic exchange system your strong lead generator tool, decide to create your landing page as engaging as possible:

Keep your target readers in memory when creating your squeeze page or website.
Offer a free ebook, free tutorial, trial offer, or other promotional product for those who give their email address.
Create a compelling title inspiring visitors to pay more time on your website.
Put your offer “above the fold” so that visitors can view it right away.

Autosurf - Traffic Exchanges websites:

Autosurf utilizes a bot which is the form of software placed in the computer which serves to browse for yourself. You can make credits or points while you are executing other assignments in backgrounds with the help of this software. In another word, without doing anything you get something. This presents you with a limited earning of a little money.

Manual - Traffic Exchanges Websites:

Practically everyone prefers Manual traffic exchange due to the suspicion of bots that habitually provide artificial traffic and lack the capacity to subscribe, convert, or click the ads. Manual traffic exchange which restrains bot access also often utilizes captcha confirmation in order to control whether browsing is done by a real human or a robot. This is a more effective and secure way.

Advantages and disadvantages of traffic exchange websites


  • There are free choices.
  • It can boost your traffic flow (even higher than 200%).
  • Higher traffic draws more advertisers and more effective cooperation.
  • You won’t have to pay money on banner advertising or PPC traffic.
  • It may support you to bring a loyal audience if your blog is of top-notch condition.


  • Exchange rates are not high because most users are involved in making more traffic to their own websites, not in what your blog has to contribute.
  • The bounce rate is likely to grow as the normal time your visitors will pay on the website is from 10 to 30 seconds. As a result, your ranking may decline.
  • Google AdSense lowers upon websites working traffic exchange websites and may also disable your account.

Best traffic exchange websites

The web brim over in many traffic exchange websites and networks. However, they change in the quality and sources of work. Here we’ll explain the peculiarities of multiple traffic exchange websites or services and describe their most important advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s have a look at some of the famous traffic exchange websites or platforms which are best and most useful in the market.

If you are managing an online company then you must need enough traffic to your website. Hitleap is the most suitable auto-surf traffic exchange website which gives a quick and affordable way to deliver the visitor to your website. Here you have to visit other websites and earn credits or points which later apply to produce visitors to your website.

If anybody joins through your link upgrading their membership or buying traffic then you will receive up to 25%. You can withdraw your money through PayPal but just if your account balance is a minimum of $5.

If you don’t want to lose your time on surfing then it provides you the opportunity of purchasing traffic for your site this is the quickest way to increase traffic to your site. They also allow a referral method so you make money by requesting people for this website.


  • The website design is user-friendly.
  • The service provides traffic from all over the world.
  • It’s possible to purchase traffic packages to get traffic quickly.
  • You can pick the level of traffic condition that satisfies you.
  • You don’t require a website to start earning money with HitLeap. You can refer new members and get up to 25% of cash royalties on their purchases.
  • You can change features such as referrer data and visit duration.
  • It allows hits from a difference of browsers including mobile traffic.



  • To start generating traffic, you have to download a piece of software.
  • HitLeap Viewer only runs on idle computers.
  • There is no free “welcome” hits or visits are offered.
  • The quality of traffic is poor because it is bot-generated.

RankBoostUp is a very trusted autosurf traffic exchange program started in 2007. The service provides users with the auto-serve browser which runs automatically in the background while you are working. RankBoostUp offers user control over traffic by letting you choose traffic sources, countries, device types, keywords to rank for, number of hits per hour, etc.

RankBoostup - Free Website Traffic Exchange


  • The website allows a free trial session.
  • You will get 100 points for free when you sign up.
  • The website is combined with an Alexa toolbar.
  • The site accommodates users with a new timer with a time slot from 10 to 60 seconds.
  • The platform allows integrated mobile traffic, which produces better ranking on mobile devices.
  • The website can inform you when your points fall under a certain level.
  • You can target particular traffic types and regions.
  • The website provides users with a white-label solution.



  • Packages charges from $10 to $600. It’s not free.
  • Payment methods are rather complicated and don’t include Visa or MasterCard.

About 50,000+ users practice this traffic exchange website and have improved the overall traffic on their websites. It presents contemporary surfing from different locations. This site begins with a French-oriented page having a new interface.

Increase your website traffic

The duration of visiting time for every visitor on this website is about 10 to 60 seconds. This permits you to take maximum credits which you are wishing to allocate to a website per day or per hour. This site presents you, unique visitors, in 24 hours or in any day by reducing repeated visitors. They also offer pay to click which means that the members can make it by clicking ads.

eBesucher is a website for mail exchange and auto surf that rewards their users for surfing the reading emails, websites, and by referring to friends or others. They claim that users can make passive income through this process if they do a small work.

They receive payment from various companies and then give their users for visiting the websites of their consumers’ companies. The proprietors generate new button names “surf now” by clicking this button different browser tab is open which follows all the websites you have been visited.

Advertising in the mail and traffic exchange

This new tracker tab simplifies the plans. The points you make can transfer into cash, every month You can earn up to $100. Besides this, they also give the facility referral systems which can increase your earnings more. You will be rewarded 8% on personal referrals and 5% on secondary referrals.

Autowebsurf is another free traffic exchange website that automatically directs traffic to your websites. Just, You have to submit your page or URL, download and install the viewer app on your pc and your webpage or URL will start generating traffic. The website accepts all websites which are family-friendly, including videos and social media.


  • Users can disappear or hide the referrer.
  • Users can change the view timer up to 300 seconds.
  • You get 500 credits by signing up.
  • You can make up to 25% on referral commissions.



  • The service can increase the bounce rate of your website.
  • The traffic is of very low quality.
  • You have to visit 100 websites to receive the signup bonus.

10KHits is a traffic exchange website that allows webmasters with traffic for free. However, you can promote your account for $10 per month and get some supplementary features such as bounce rate reducer, geotargeting hits, custom traffic sources, etc.

To start producing traffic with this service, you need to download the 10KHits exchange software and then browse the websites listed here. You’ll receive traffic points for every 10-second visit and can greatly use them on driving visitors to your website.

Free website traffic to your site!


  • The platform gives you with real visitors, not bots.
  • It can greatly increase your Alexa rank.
  • You can get 100 points by signing up.
  • You can choose the duration of visits and set the maximum number of hits per hour.
  • You can earn commission points if you share your referral link.
  • The application is light-weight and user-friendly.
  • Users can either show or hide their traffic sources and make it look as if the visitors were coming from search engines.



  • The bounce rate is possible to grow as visitors will disappear after the established 10-second interval.
  • The visitors you get are not expected to transform into sales as visitors only click on your website because they have to and are not affected by what you advise.
  • You must surf your first 20 pages to redeem the signup bonus.

This website is placed in the top manual best traffic exchange websites having Ten lac users. This website gives unlimited earning. It truly allows a number of visitors to your website or URL. On a per visit, you get one visitor back to your website, about 1000 users can visit your website daily the number of visitors may differ.

You can also earn extra credits by their referral plan. It is overall a safe platform or website for traffic exchange.


  • You can make points by referring friends to the website.
  • The visits number per day is not limited.
  • Even the free plan allows powerful marketing tools.
  • Networking is very easy on the website.
  • The platform offers tracking and detailed statistics.



  • The income potential of the service is low.
  • The quality of traffic is low.
  • Ultimate and Premium plans are quite expensive at $19.95 and $7.95 per month.

Platinum Membership has the very smallest surf ratio, you simply have to visit one website and you receive one visitor for your websites. This membership also allows you to advertise up to 50 websites and 30 banners and provides you a 30% referral commission. You receive 30,000 banner impressions credits and a bonus of 500 per month. This membership requires you $14.95 monthly.

Gold membership offers a 30% referral charge to their member if his/her referral purchases traffic from these websites. Each month you have received 20 banner impressions and a bonus of 250 credits. Here you are permitted to advertise fifty websites and thirty banners. If you surf two websites you get one visitor for your websites. For this membership, you have to spend only $6 per month.

Free Membership Where all are free to register but you need have to visit a minimum of three websites in order to receive one visitor to your website. They permit users to advertise only ten websites and five banners. They also proffer good values through referrals to confreres.

Legacy Hits is another frequently uses website by Traffic Monsoon and TE Racing League. Legacy Hits is a broadly used website on the web. They give the following fluency to their users;-

Traffic Exchange: This permits you to change your traffic with other website proprietors, you can get traffic exchange visitors with credit purchases and it saves your valuable time. You just need proper preparation to get the visitors to your website.

Revenue Sharing Site: This site provides you the opportunity to invest, which might actually fulfill your desire to make more than you invest. Besides making more money you can get advertisement credits immediately to promote other referral links or your website. By spending on traffic, you can yield your revenues.

Pay to Click: means you make money by clicking ads on websites as several times you click the website you will earn, the earning normally differs from site to site and also depends upon the kind of work.

Affiliates Sales: If you refer someone to this website, then you receive a percentage from the website provides on all refers.

11. Hitlink – Free Traffic Exchange Website

Hitlink is a traffic exchange website that assists users to direct targeted traffic to your websites. Aside from making visits to your website by visiting other people’s websites, you can also advertise text links and banners.

You can make Activity Points by giving time on the website. The more engaged you are, the more points you get, the greater your chances are to overcome weekly prizes such as text impressions, credits, banner impressions, or cash. As a bonus, you get 100 points for logging into the website.


  • Users can adjust how many hits their page will get per hour.
  • The platform provides users with the free geo-targeting option.
  • You can win prizes.


  • The navigation on the website is poor.
  • There is no entry-level set-up fee.

12. Otohits – Free Traffic Exchange Website

Otohits is another free traffic exchange website with a unique system that works 24 hours no subject how many users are related to them. Here you are able to add your websites that offer a good surf and in constant watching to remove blocking websites.

If you are successful to attach your website now owner grants auto surf through which you receive credits. After starting you have to stay on auto-surf you spend sufficient time on auto-surf to make points that credit your websites and others can simply see your websites. The website is totally free users can enjoy all their benefits without paying any money.


  • The validation method is really fast (less than 24 hours).
  • You can attach an infinite number of websites.
  • The website allows a dynamic timer ranging from 10 to 60 seconds.
  • Adult content is allowed and is in a separate section.
  • You can protect the referrer.
  • The website allows the bounce rate optimizer option. Guests can make extra points for doing extra clicking on a website.



  • The service is not effective for getting YouTube views.
  • The traffic is of low quality.

13. SmileyTraffic – Best Traffic Exchange Website

Near about 197175 members are listed with this website so it can instantly give a higher audience. This website permits you to promote your referral URL. Credits re-selling is automatically ended, for free members payout is $20.00 users can drive out their payment within 1-72 hours. They enable rotators. For auto and manual surf, only one pop-up is permitted.

Conclusive Thought:

This article explains all about traffic exchange websites. These websites are really profitable to increase your business by directing traffic to your websites. In order to get great results, you must consider the faults along with the advantages.

As everything has advantages and disadvantages, so in order to stop any future trouble and to live on the safe side, one should keep groundwork before signup for the traffic exchange websites. Further, bots must be refined, to assure manual monitoring, and last but not least go with the best hosting.

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