Positions That Can Help Future Mom During Pregnancy


We spend about one-third of our lives either sleeping or attempting to do so. A recent studies show that there’s a connection between future mother’s sleeping position and a baby’s welfare. Due to changes in the body, regular positions may no longer be safe during pregnancy.

We have studied what positions you can try to get some much-needed rest without posing any harm to you or your unborn child.

1.Hands/knees gesture.

This position isn’t intended for sleeping but following it can be very convenient for a mother and her child. The knees and hands position will relieve loosen joints and back pain, as well as provide relaxation and comfort for many expecting mothers.
To follow this position, place a pillow under your knees ( or, a yoga mat). Hold on your knees and hands but be careful not to vault your arms. Get up slowly so you don’t get a head rush after finishing.
You can further practice with a fitness ball. Relaxing over a ball while on your knees and hands is another modification of this position that gives additional support.

2. Sleeping on your side.


This is the safest position for you and your baby. It equips good blood movement but doesn’t put stress on your inner organs.

Although both sides are protected, it’s recommended to take the left side for particular reasons.

  • It will increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach your baby.
  • It helps your kidneys to get rid of excess fluids and products.
  • It reduces the risk of miscarriage.
  • It might be challenging at first.

3. Sleeping on your stomach.

If you used to sleep on your belly before you were pregnant, you can follow this position in the early months of pregnancy cause there’s no proof that shows this can cause harm to you or your baby. However, after the initial trimester, you won’t be capable to lay on your belly easily due to your growing baby bump, so it’ll be very doubtful that you will decide to sleep in this position.

Tips for better sleep during pregnancy:

  • Many mothers get it easier to put a pillow between the legs as it holds the legs parallel and supports the spine, hips.
  • Place pillows behind you to stop you from falling on your back and to make something more painful.
  • During day naps, pay the same attention to your sleep position as you would during the night. * Sleep in the proper position. After wake up at night, recognize your position and go back to sleep on your left side.
  • Try sleeping with a low bun in your hair since it will make it more uncomfortable to sleep on your back.

Have you experienced any problem finding a comfortable position during pregnancy? What tips did you find to be the most useful?

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