Why Hire A Virtual Assistant AND How To Go With It 2023


Has anyone advised you to hire yourself a virtual assistant? Possibly you’ve read a post or an article extolling the purity of having your very private online Mona. (Suits anybody?)

Or possibly you’re simply totally dominated, would love to expand your business faster, and have begun wondering whether you should ultimately take the dive and hire a virtual assistant, but are furtively looking around to notice if anyone is watching your sheer luxury!

Believe me, you might be feeling you can’t afford your personal VA, but once you see how much more additional time you’ll have to set toward money-making activities, you’ll discover you can’t afford NOT to hire a VA.

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

virtual assistant

Do you ever goggle at your computer screen, totally overwhelmed with all the tasks forward of you for the day?

If you’re being sincere with yourself, how many of those assignments are assisting your business to grow? How many are really getting in a profit?

Probably, many of them are essential, repetitious tasks you have to do all the time, but that doesn’t really help with direct business growth.

If this sounds friendly, then you’re definitely at the stage where you need a VA.

Here are some incredibly important explanations you need to hire a virtual assistant and how accomplishing so will convert your business and life!

You Will Immediately Enjoy Working In Your Business More

I understand as business proprietors we’re considered to be working on our business, not in it, but as solopreneurs, we only don’t start with those kinds of funding. So the probability is you’re the chief, cook, and bottle washer at the point.

Well, imagine handing the bottle washing away!

Here! No more day-to-day bottle washing!

That’s just it.

As solopreneurs, we will be laboring on every part of our business and the truth is some of the tasks will completely suck!

As soon as you instruct somebody else to do the more ‘sucky’ jobs, it represents you can get on doing the things you reach far more splendid pleasure from doing.

If you’re presently toiling to find the inspiration to get started in the morning or like to browse Netflix then crack on building your kingdom at night when you ultimately have some peace, this could be your solution, my friend!

If you understand you’re about to sit down and do something you value, you’ll likely find yourself far more motivated to do it!

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Will Speed Up Business Growth

The good news is that multiple of the jobs you’ll want to outsource will be low-value jobs, in other terms, jobs that don’t straight contribute to generating a return.

These non-profit duties take up beneficial time; the time you could be concentrating on generating an income!

Releasing up this time by outsourcing to a virtual assistant, points you can concentrate squarely on money-making assignments which will extend your business and push you to higher profits.

It’s a win-win!

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Saves Money

Definitely, when you hire a virtual assistant you pay money. Money as a solopreneur you may not have just yet.

This is confirmed, but how long does it bear you to do that task you’re actually poor at?

Hours? Days? Weeks?

How much is your time worth?

As a sample let’s say you drive a coaching business and charge $250 per hour. If you’re laboring on a low-value assignment, which you’re not very sound at and which takes you 3 hours to complete, that’s $700 you’ve hypothetically expended (or not completed).

If you had a virtual assistant you’re spending $10-20 an hour to and they do the exact task in less than an hour because they’re very good at it, that’s a hypothetical $680 you just saved!

There is no more acceptable example of this than solopreneurs who insist on making and developing their own websites.

Discontinue it! (Unless you’re a web developer, then of course, please carry on 😎👊)

Some web developer is $15 / hour. Yesterday I gave my VA a technical assignment that I have no concept of how long would have carried me to get to the bottom of. Likely an hour or two at least.

It took only 10 mins. And charged me $3.50.

In the duration I might have spent researching a technical issue, I worked on content for my site to draw better organic traffic!

Concentrate on what’s essential in your lifestyle business and next time you attend yourself saying, ‘but my website is very important, ask whether time spent playing with WordPress themes or figuring out security plugins is the best usage of your time.

A VA Will Boost Your Sleep

Do you ever feel like you require to be on 24/7?

I have to realize until a current social media VA hire, I’d been a bit unsteady with social media posts as I just didn’t have the procedures in location to back my content publishing up.

So rather than wait up all night which, at past 40 I just can’t do anymore, I was accomplishing less advertising, which is not significant!

Hiring a virtual assistant in a foreign timezone will guarantee you can be on 24/7 while bringing your solid and much-needed 8 hours a night!

I’m well conscious that technology has also significantly helped with this problem, supplying us with message bots and post-scheduling apps, etc.

But there’s nothing more useful than being capable to respond to questions or comments in real-time and having an existence online at the moment your customers are.

A well-trained virtual assistant will give the impression that you never sleep!

Are you convinced yet?

How to Hire a Rockstar Virtual Assistant?

  1. Identify the Tasks You Want to Outsource. What assignments are you doing? Which assignments do you value? Which tasks carry in consumers or attract traffic or leads. Which assignments instantly impact business growth/generate earnings? Make a list of all the assignments you’d love to pass away! Even if you can’t find somebody to do them all right now at least you know where you’re headed.
  2. Categorize the Jobs. Some of the assignments you’ve documented to outsource could be very distinct from each other. For a sample, you might want to outsource editing podcasts, answering emails, or running Facebook ads. There are VA’s out there that swear they can do a variety of assignments and you might be blessed to find that rare gem who can multi-task across a superfluity of skillsets. But in my knowledge the more detailed the assignments the better the output. The magnificence of the world we live in now is that they don’t have to be full-time. You hire the VA on a relaxed hourly basis and only ever pay what you employ them for.
  3. Create a Job Description and Your Job Ad. Be confident to create a straightforward description of what’s expected of them and include that in your employment advert.
  4. Go Find Your Virtual Assistant! You can use upwork.com or fiverr.com for almost everything. Those are wonderful sites for short-term agreements and flexible working. You simply sign up as a client and post your job.

There are however bunches of other sites you can also utilize for nearly everything from small jobs to long term agreements including; UpWork.com, freelancer.com


As solopreneurs, the purpose is to just ever have a small business that finances our lifestyle.

We’re not curious about building the next Tesla or Facebook, hence why the idea of hiring can be difficult and overwhelming.

All of a hasty you feel like you’re liable for somebody else’s life and income. But in the gig economy world we live in, freelancers and agreement employees are far better flexible than they used to be.

Start slowly. Hire somebody on a flexible contract, try them out for occasional weeks, and if you adore what they accomplish and they become a priceless associate of your team, offer them full-time work.

But keep in mind that there is an incredibly high chance that hiring a suitable virtual assistant will transform your business and your life.

Good luck!

Please share with anyone you feel this might benefit. Thank you 🙂


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